The final CRAFTER event took place, almost simultaneously, in the four museums participating in the project: Museo Regional de Paraćin (Serbia), Museo Déri in Debrecen (Hungary), Museo Ciudad de Mula ‒ Ayuntamiento de Mula (Spain) and Museo Estatal de Prehistoria de Halle (Germany).

The main results of the actions mentioned above were exhibited: the sets of pottery replicas and the documentary “In Their Hands” (see trailer) and communicative panels presenting what CRAFTER means with the four ceramic traditions that inspire this project.

More than a mere exhibition, and in addition to being CRAFTER’s leading showcase, this event was a platform for the dissemination, education and promotion of this prehistoric art that survives despite industrialization. Thus, each museum also exhibits tangible didactic elements such as replicas of tools used in the pottery trade and samples of raw materials (clays and non-plastic elements used to give consistency to the vessels), which complement the audiovisual resources.

Exposition catalog (versión húngaro-inglés)

Exposition catalog (versión húngaro-inglés)

The documentation of the exhibition can be consulted:

  • Spanish version click here.
  • English version click here.
  • German version click here.
  • Hungarian version click here.
  • Serbian version click here.

Some of the organizing institutions invite one or more artisans for an open event, during which they can produce live pottery by hand and teach their craft to the public.