Where to eat in Alhama de Murcia


Check here for urban restaurant.

Check here for resstaurant away from the town center.

Bares, pubs and cafes.

Check here for bars and pubs.

Check here for cafes and ice creams shops.

Rooms for events and play park.

Check here for rooms for events.

Check here for play parks

For more information, check here to know where to eat in Alhama de Murcia.

Where to eat in Pliego

Bars and restaurant.

Restaurant Los Escudos.
Address: Calle Los Pasos, 6
Phone number: 968 666 505

Bar Casino
Address: Plaza Mayor, s/n
Phone number: 639 984 006

Bar Obrero
Address: Calle Cooperativa, 2
Phone number: 968 666 336

Bar Florida (El Pitiso)
Address: Avda. de Alhama, 52
Phone number: 669 128 373- 659 054 191 – 670 671 116

Café-Bar Valle Espuña
Address: Avda. de Lorca, 31
Phone number: 968 002 190

Confectionery-Bakery-Pizzeria Pepa
Address: Avda. de Mula, 3
Phone number: 635 075 119

Cafe pizzería El Parque
Address: Parque de las Cañadas
Phone number: 968 002 331


Cafe Avenida
Address: Avda. de Mula, 2
Phone number: 676 597 303

Cafe Templo
Address: Calle Juan Carlos I, 2

Cafe Zahira
Address: Callle Juan de la Cierva, 12

Cafe Mafalda
Address: Calle Los Pasos, 5

Disco-Cafe -Pub Milenium
Address: Calle Juan Carlos I, 6

For more information, check here the gastronomy offer in Pliego.

Where to eat in Totana

Cafes and ice cream shops.

Check here the cafes.

Check here the ice cream shops.

Check here the confectioneries.

Restaurants and pizzerias.

Check here the restaurants.

Check here the pizzerias.

Bars and breweries.

Check here the bars and breweries.