Archaeological Sites:

Tribute Tower of Aledo (www). The Tower, which today is the emblem of the medieval town of Aledo, was centuries ago an example of power and defence of the territory. On the first Muslim fortress, the Christians built this singular tower destined for its inhabitants’ border surveillance and refuge. However, with the reconquest of Granada in 1492, it lost its strategic importance. Nevertheless, it underwent numerous uses until today, becoming one of the most fantastic tourist attractions in the region.

The Islamic Castle of Alhama de (www). On the hill of the Castle of Alhama de Murcia stands a fortress of Islamic origin from the 11th and 12th centuries. It is located on a steep hill that dominates the town and with favourable conditions to control the itinerary of the Guadalentín Valley. The castle was part of the border fortifications of that time. Bordering to the south with the kingdom of Granada and, with to the north, with Aragon.

Argaric settlement of Los Cipreses (Lorca) (www). It is one of the few Argaric settlements located in the plains, known to the moment, and the first that has been placed “value” on.

Los Villaricos Roman Villa (Mula) (www). This unit of uniform character for the production, storage and exploitation of oil developed between the 1st and 5th centuries AD. It has the second-largest oil mill in the Iberian Peninsula.

Islamic castle of Pliego. The foundation of this castle is placed by some experts in the 12th century, in the context of a generalized refortification work that was taking place throughout the Muslim kingdom of Murcia at that time, both in the Mardani period and during the Almohad rule. However, there is still some debate in this regard.

The abandoned town of La Mota (Pliego). Although researchers have not been able to determine the exact time of its foundation, the fortified town of La Mota, or castle of Las Paleras, should have reached its peak in the second half of the 12th century.

Archaeological settlement of “Las Cabezuelas” (Totana) (www). This site had a prolonged occupation, settling its origins in the Bronze Age until the Andalusian era.


Los Baños Archaeological Museum (Alhama de Murcia) (www)

Archaeological Museum of Lorca (www)

El Cigarralejo Monographic Museum of Iberian Art (Mula) (www)

Mula Town Museum (www)

Monteagudo Visitor Centre (San Cayetano)  (www)