Cereals and meat

Despite the importance of cereals in the Argaric diet, La Bastida was not ideal for its cultivation. The fertile lands were found a few kilometres south, in the Guadalentín valley. Supplying the inhabitants of La … [+]

An administrative centre

After two centuries of existence, La Bastida sponsored the foundation of at least one subsidiary enclave: Tira del Lienzo. Thus, about 4000 years ago, this new fortified settlement was built with two fundamental objectives: the … [+]


THE Troya OF THE WEST   In 2012 we found a stone fortification system unparalleled in continental Europe of its time. The fortification system consists of two walls separated by a few meters, which could initially have … [+]

The princely tomb and its other people

The political use of the assembly hall was unmistakable when the richest double tomb in the Argaric world was discovered there. And she was not alone, although she alone made the other nearby graves make … [+]