Crafting Europe in the Bronze Age and Today (CRAFTER) is a project funded by the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). La Asociación de Amigos del Yacimiento Arqueológico de La Bastida (ASBA) ) leads this initiative in cooperation with seven other organizations from five European countries: Museo Regional de Paraćin (Serbia), Academia Húngara de Ciencias (Hungary), Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (Spain), Museo Déri (Hungary), Museo Ciudad de Mula ‒ Ayuntamiento de Mula (Spain), EXARC (Netherlands) and the Museo Estatal de Prehistoria de Halle (Germany).

The main objectives of CRAFTER are: the dissemination of the archaeological and cultural heritage represented in the pottery productions of the European Bronze Age, to make the public aware of the importance of the pottery trade whose survival is increasingly threatened by industrialization and to offer, to today’s potters, new ways to promote themselves and sell their creations.

In this sense, CRAFTER has sought the collaboration between potters and archaeologists from Germany, Spain, Hungary, the Netherlands and Serbia to understand, recreate and show to the public handmade pottery from four of the most outstanding European Bronze Age societies: Únĕtice (Europa central), Füzesabony (Carpathian basin), Vatin (central Balkans), and El Argar (southeast of the Iberian Peninsula).


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