The partners of CRAFTER came together to produce a documentary. It aims to give visibility and disseminate the archaeological heritage and the pottery trade among the broadest possible audience. In this film, titled “In Their Hands”, one female and three male artisans experiment with recreating sets of ceramic vessels from Bronze Age societies that inspire CRAFTER (El Argar, Únětice, Füzesabony and Vatin). With settings in Spain, Germany, Hungary and Serbia as a backdrop, four directors have documented in four chapters the manufacturing processes of these pieces, from the search for the raw material to the firing of the pots. Throughout the film, the standard features of the four pottery traditions and their manufacturing techniques emerge, at the same time as the regional varieties and the different approaches of today’s potters to the past that inspire them. How beautiful is diversity!

This documentary has received special mention in recognized international archaeology festivals, favouring the recognition and dissemination of the pottery work of Totana and the La Bastida site:




The documentary film