Pliego- La Almoloya

Pliego- La Almoloya

Type: circular
Origin and arrival: Pliego
Distance: 14’43 km
Time: 5 hr. 46 min., sin paradas
More information: Wikiloc.

Path of Time

Path of Time

Type: circular
Origin and arrival: vía Verde del Noroeste or Cementerio de La Puebla de Mula
Distance: 7’5 km
Time: 3 hr. 30 min., non-stop
More information: Turismo de Mula.

Black cave

Type: Circular
Origin and arrival: Cueva Negra 
Distance: 8’57 km
Time: 3 hrs. 15 min., non-stop
More information: Wikiloc.

Sima de la Higuera

Sima de la Higuera

The Sima de la Higuera (Pliego) has special characteristics that make it one of the most unique caves of hydrothermal origin in Europe. In 2010, Pliego City Council, the General Directorate of the Environment and the Federation of Speleology of the Region of Murcia launched a project for the conservation and access regulation to Sima de la Higuera. As a result, Murcian speleologists, jointly with the local and regional administrations, manage to regulate the visits to the cave and guarantee its conservation by only allowing the entrance to small groups.

The Sima de la Higuera project establishes a system of visits regulated by marked itineraries that allow visitors to appreciate the value of this vertical cave and preserve its geological integrity. The exit outside the marked routes is NOT authorized due to the sensitivity of the soils and the environment. You must request special authorization to do this, maintaining very special care and using equipment that limits contamination or alteration of the environment. Inside the cave, you can temporarily find equipment for research analysis to collect data such as weather stations and others such as Radon. The latter allows the speleologists to monitor its evolution and how the visits affect it, making corrective decisions to preserve it at any time.

The cave is closed for environmental and protection reasons. You can request authorization for visits in small groups to cause the least possible impact and as long as you meet the technical requirements for access, which are detailed in the request for visits.

On the official website of Sima de la Higuera you can download the book “La Sima de la Higuera. Monumento natural” for free.

North Espuña

Sector number of vias lebel
Norte de El Aguilón 2 vías from IV a 6a
Aristas de El Bosque 3 vías from IV a V+
Umbría de EL Bosque 3 vías from IV+ a V
Gran Placa Gris de El Bosque 5 vías from V+ a 7c
Morrón de la Cabra 1 vía IV

Source: ORTIZ, A. and MATAS, J. (2005) “Escalada en Sierra Espuña”, Ed. Natursport, Murcia.

The cribs

Sector Number of vias Lebel
Peña Apartada 3 vias fromIV+ a V+/A2

Source: ORTIZ, A. and MATAS, J. (2005) “Escalada en Sierra Espuña”, Ed. Natursport, Murcia.


Sector number of vias Lebel
Noroeste del Morrón de Espuña 9 vias from V/A1 a A2
El Dedo 1 via from IV/A2
El Sigismondi 3 vias from IV a IV+
Peña Soleada 10 vias from III+ a V+/A2
Sur del Morrón de Espuña 4 vias from V a 6a/A1

Source: ORTIZ, A. and MATAS, J. (2005) “Escalada en Sierra Espuña”, Ed. Natursport, Murcia.


Type: Linear
Origin and end: Berro – Gebas
Ascent slope: 511 m.
Distance: 25 km
Time: 3 hrs.
More information: Espubike.


Type: Linear
Origin and end: Gebas – Casas Nuevas
Ascent slope: 543 m
Distance: 32 km
Time: 3 hrs 30 min.
More information: Espubike.


Tipo: Lineal
Inicio y fin: Casas Nuevas – Las Alquerías
Desnivel de subida: 1400 m
Distancia: 36 km.
Tiempo: 4 hrs.
Más información: Espubike.

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